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I'm Mary!

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Life Coach

My name is Mary Healey, and I feel like every step I've ever taken,  whether up, down, success or failure has led me to exactly where I need to be.   I've done many things over the course of my life.  I made my living as a singer for over 10 years, and then moved into the corporate world, eventually landing as a Project Manager for a software company working in healthcare.   I've spent the last 25+ years working with hospitals and physicians, hoping what I did made a difference.   In the last several years I've been called to make a change.  I want to make the world a kinder, happier place.  I am finding this by working closely with individuals, helping them find their peace and purpose. Life should be LIVED, every moment, squeezing every last drop of joy, love and purpose out of it.  In my pursuit to find my purpose, I found HCI (Health Coach Institute) and took their Health Coach and Life Coach Certification programs.   Wanting more, I then went through their Transformational and Mastery Life Coaching programs.   That led me to taking a Clarity Catalyst class with Jennifer Grace, and that class was so transformative, I knew I had to become certified to teach it!

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