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Open Your Mind to Mindfulness

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The people I serve are looking for more…. more joy, more patience, more love, more kindness in their lives.  They are searching for their purpose.  Some are struggling with self doubt in taking the next step towards true happiness, and some are looking for help in finding and defining the next step.  They are experiencing frustration, stress and feeling stuck.   They are seeking a change that lights them up, re-igniting their passion and commitment to finding their own path to living a more purposeful life.  I help them find the clarity they need to design the life they have been dreaming about.


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What My Clients Are Saying...


"Mary is a great listener and easy to talk with, we connected almost immediately.  She is genuinely interested in helping me work through the process to create solid action steps that are related to my goals."

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Life Coach

I live in Southern Maine with my husband Paul.  Our nest is newly empty as the last child of our blended family is out on their own.  Family, joy, love & a purposeful life are the driving influences that led me to changing careers and becoming a life & mindset coach as well as a CIJ Clarity Catalyst trainer.


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